Hullabaloo over Kindle Direct Publishing & CreateSpace

by Gina Burgess Worn out from all the fearmongering going on about the transition from CreateSpace to Kindle Direct Publishing? There are tons of articles about it. Advice: Go straight to the source. After reading and talking to a supervisor over both, KDP is fast tracking to being the same great place to indie publish […]

Web-Ed EVENT! Terry Whalin, acquisitions editor

By Gina Burgess First flush of love finally blossoms into full-fledged, lasting love that ends with accepting a proposal. Like an on-the-knee marriage proposal, an accepted book proposal leads to long relationships, trusted relationships, and even better, profit for both parties. Terry Whalin–an acquisitions editor for Morgan-James Publishing–has the scoop on how to write a […]

Journey to a Hundred: A Kid From Newark Published a Hundred Books

by Khali Raymond I read this quote on Instagram. It said: “Your willingness to look at your darkness is what empowers you.” I have been through many situations that forced me to tap into the latent greatness I would’ve never known that I possess if it weren’t for the tough times that I’ve endured. I […]

Sell Your Books: No Guarantee

by Tom Blubaugh There are numerous voices out there in the literary marketplace that profess to have the latest and greatest methods for you to sell your books. Some even try to give you a guarantee. Beware. Before you make an investment in a program, product, or professional, I suggest that you do the following. […]

A New Writer’s Platform and Marketing Strategy Rolled into One

by Sarah Tun   Needing ideas or motivation to write something new? Seeking to get published? Need a new marketing strategy? In any one  or all three cases, have you considered Literary Journals? Writers Market… An oxymoron? Sometimes it may feel like we, as writers, do more marketing than actual writing. This can be frustrating. […]

What is the Future of Book Publishing?

by Genevive Fosa To know the future of publishing, the best we can do is follow the trends. For one thing, the popularity of E-books is diminishing. This is due to a number of factors. For one thing, the many people who bought their E-reading devices discovered that the little electronic things were not that […]

Why be a Writer?

There is a dichotomy in the brain of every writer: I need to believe in myself to even publish my work anywhere in the world, but for quality’s sake, I really need to develop quality self-criticism. So we have a possible over-confidence or over-positive view vs a negative mindset that questions every word produced. So […]

The Artful Scam… Not!

by Gina Burgess Most scams that authors and writers face are as old as Methuselah. A scam may have been updated to this digital age, but the con’s premise is the same. I know we talked about literary agents and their worth a few weeks ago, but there are some scams that authors and writers […]

Should Indie Authors Beware or Rejoice?

by Gina Burgess In the New Yorker, there’s a good article: Publish or Perish. The future of publishing is discussed, and Russ Grandinette of Amazon makes a very good point. “In [my] view, book publishers—like executives in other media—are making the same mistake the railroad companies made more than a century ago: thinking they were […]

4 Tips on Catching an Editor’s Attention

By W. Terry Whalin Do you feel like you are pitching your book projects into a black hole with little or no response? As a writer and now an editor in the publishing business, I’m aware of my own responsibility to be communicating with others via email or phone. As an acquisitions editor at Morgan James […]