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What are the Different Way to Publish a Book?

As a writer you have a need, a calling, to write and read. What are the best ways for you to publish your work and stretch yourself? Let’s explore three different ways to publish a book using three publishing formats and some valuable tools to help you get your words to readers.

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To Self Publish or Not to Self Publish

Making DecisionsAs citizens of the world, we have many decisions to make daily. As authors,we have many choices to consider on a regular basis. How do we make ourdecisions? “… do all to the glory of GOD” (1 Corinthians 10:31b) is a starting premise forthose of us who love the

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The Waiting Game

by Jann W. Martin Are you playing the waiting game? I am. It can be really frustrating. In November, 2018 I sent my proposal to my assistant agent. It’s for my Bible Characters Through the Ages series. Daniel and Sarah, brother and sister, build a time travel machine and go

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Importance of 30 Seconds

  By Cherrilynn Bisbano You invest time, energy, sweat, and tears into your proposal. You are ready to hit the send button. Stop and count to thirty… it was longer than you expected, right? Cherrilynn Bisbano

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Why are classics still powerful today?

by Gina Burgess Several years ago an author sent to publishers in London, England several of Jane Austin’s classics: “Pride and Prejudice”, “Northanger Abby”, and “Persuasion” with his name on them. He did this because he was bumfuzzeled why his own work, a thriller, had not been bought. Only one

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