What’s the most terrifying word for authors?

by Gina Burgess Nope it isn’t writer’s block. That’s two words. According to a mountain of studies it’s networking. Of course there isn’t a separate study done just on authors, but studies have included thousands of people in all different walks of life. Networking seems to either instill excitement of discovery in some people or […]

Reworking Those Old Works

by Meredith Bond Congratulations! You’ve finally gotten the rights to your book back! Okay, maybe it’s been a few months or years since you did so, that’s all right. The important thing is that your creative work is yours once again. The only thing is… what to do with it? You probably wrote that book […]

Authors and Contracts: Be Informed

by Gina Burgess General things for authors to know about Copyrights… Brief summary of copyright protection: When an artist creates a work of art, this art has a copyright. The copyright is a form of protection that is granted by the U.S. Congress. Essentially, the writer of a book has the right to reproduce the […]

Authors need a vision of future reading

by Gina Burgess Vlogs are video blogs. I am not a fan of videos except for the very few exceptional ones that come to my inbox ever so often. The reason is simple really. What takes an hour to watch, I could get much more out of it by reading the text and saving 3/4 of […]

Editing is NOT Nitpicking

  Submitted by Gina Burgess I received this from friends at Pro-Edit. This is another reason why a different pair of eyes needs to edit your work. I was a newspaper editor, and these kinds of gaffes are so easy to make when you are focused on quickly getting the story out, or trying to […]