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Reviews Can Spice Up Your Writing

Why not try writing a review? Writing for an alternative audience is a helpful motivator. If you’ve never written a review before, why not try it? It flexes your writing muscles in new ways and may even bring about an opening, a new readership to you.  There are plenty of

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Promoting Family-Friendly Literature

Here’s a simple, low profile, no cost way to do so: Check out eBookChristian, or Amazon to find a title that interests you. Then borrow it from your local library. If your library doesn’t have it, ask them to bring it in from one of their partner libraries, or

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Name change…

We know that our name does not say it all. It only reflects a small portion of what we do. So, we have decided to change our name to something that will reflect well on us and our efforts in our mission. Here is our Mission Statement: Bringing GOD back

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To market, to market to fetch my dog a bone

by Sarah Tun An age old nursery rhyme goes, “To market, to market to buy a fat pig.” Funny, I remember it as an engagement to get a bone.… In any case, it is a rhyme to celebrate the age old action of going into a village from your isolated

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16 Essentials to Build an Effective and Helpful Network

by Gina Burgess Good networks are actually good relationships that help build your business. Too often people look at Facebook buddies and blogging buddies as acquaintances, not as relationships. In reality, these people may forge relationnships closer with you than your child’s teacher or the person sitting next to you

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I used to HATE book marketing…

by Sarah Tun On the 22nd of February, I commented on a post written by AC’s CEO Tom Blubaugh called, “Hate marketing and promoting?” A modest-by-nature author, I don’t look for the limelight (please ignore the fact that I was a performing artist for ten years… I didn’t like the

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