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Novel Lessons Regardless of Crisis

“The virus” has disrupted our lives in many ways, but it has also provided fresh opportunities for creativity and service to others. Take Eliana, for example. With her pre-kindergarten class on hold, she is still very near the beginning of her literacy journey. But she loves cooking, and she loves

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How to Get What’s in Your Head onto the Page

by Sarah Tun Get out of the rut. There are so many ideas…. and so many distractions. How do you manage to make the time to focus and choose amongst the many ideas that float around in your mind in order to get onto the page something concrete and worthy

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Desk Lasagna

by Gina Burgess One of the main problems/challenges that writers face is procrastination. Admit it. We keep putting off writing for one reason or another, but what it boils down to is that we find something we think is more important to do than writing that article or finishing that

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No Guts, No Storyboard. Hierarchies, Storyboards, Flowcharts, Mindmaps, and Wireframes for Authors

No Guts, No Story…Board

Hierarchies, Storyboards, Flowcharts, Mindmaps, and Wireframes Remember in school when our science teacher (with the permanent frown lines) attempted to persuade us that graphic organizers were important in our documentation? Perhaps my teacher quit that year due to having me as her student, as I was compelled to fill up

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Here’s Your New Baby – A Marketing Analogy

Your book is your baby that you’ve nurtured for numerous months to present to the world. Too often authors make a marketing mistake: No preparation. What about the coaching classes? What about painting and prepping the nursery (audience)? What about all the new clothes (editing and book cover)? Watch this

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