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Spiritual Emphasis or Twist

I recently posted some blog items on social media that were, what I’d consider,  hot topics today: on women speaking and leading in church and on the bride of Christ becoming ready for his return. (Hot topics are ideas or subjects that potentially lead to heated arguments if one is

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Answering Our Call

I was reading a post I had written on LiveAsIf.org just now and tears started streaming again. Sometimes I read something I’ve written and wonder who stepped in my place to write that? Did I? The piece starts out like this: Gone With The Wind, Scarlett stands in the midst

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Book Reviews: Special Helps for Authors and Readers

[This blog post is a collaboration between two of our members, and a great job they did! Nancy Kuykendall and Eileen Moynihan were in class when I was talking about writing book reviews. They graciously accepted the challenge to collaborate and write a blog post about that very thing. Enjoy

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Write, Write, Write

Is it for wealth? Is it a game, a compulsion, or a curiosity? I believe for many of us, writing is a calling. It may be a ministry to GOD Himself, a means of prayer and relating to Him. It may be a ministry to others, a bit of evangelism

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Feeling a bit stale? In a rut?

I have been stuck inside for weeks now. Depression was hovering around nipping at my sanity and dragging at my health. That heavy feeling settled around my heart and mind no matter sunshine or storm. There is something really depressing about not having a choice to either go do something

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Amplifying Our Voices

Are you an author looking for ways to amplify your voice and those of like-minded authors? Here are a few that involve minimal time on your part. Join Goodreads here. You can be open (post a photo and detailed bio), or reclusive (post your first name and a picture of

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