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Learn from the Tale of a Tale

The invitation came out of the blue. Would I like to write a magazine article on a person with a very interesting mission? I puzzled a bit—I’d never written for this magazine or on this topic before. However, I have written for a variety of magazines and also edited a

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How to Write Body Language

Writers live in this 2-dimensional world struggling to make it (along with their reader’s excellent imagination) a living, breathing world of 4-dimensions. Real. Sometimes we hit the mark and other times not. [This article is directed toward the less experienced writer. I’d really like for the more veteran writers to offer guidance to Sprout Writers in the comments section. I love seeing how words create new worlds and environments with “real” people.]

There is one obstacle that will bite us every time and that is communication among characters. Dialogue is crucial, but that is only part of communicating. Body language and tonal qualities make up the majority of communication.

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Anticipation is making me wait…

by Gina Burgess Sally watched Harry yawn, scratch his chest and pad to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He wet his toothbrush and spread the minty paste over it then popped it in his mouth brushing up and down the one hundred twenty-eight times he allotted every night. Bleh!

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The Famous First Line

by Gina Burgess Google tells me that I have to have what the post is about in the first line. It is about first lines and how crucial are they? Kinda boring first line isn’t it? I had the misfortune of getting sick over Thanksgiving. It was the first Thanksgiving

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Pricking the Reader’s Heart

By Gina Burgess I put a book down to get some water, and found myself praying for one of the characters. Now THAT is character development. He wasn’t even the main character! I needed to analyze it and see why my heart was pricked so by that character. Georgette Heyer

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