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One of my favorite Authors Community stories in progress is the tale of a little rabbit, who, when tempted by juicy cabbages, playful friends AND a rabbitcycle in the driveway, manages to make the right choice every time. So, who does that? Not me, sorry to say. But the story—with

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Learn from the Tale of a Tale

The invitation came out of the blue. Would I like to write a magazine article on a person with a very interesting mission? I puzzled a bit—I’d never written for this magazine or on this topic before. However, I have written for a variety of magazines and also edited a

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Top 10 Reader’s (and Reviewer’s) Complaints

Top 10 Reader’s Complaints  TN Wesley did some research on Amazon.com and discovered some regularly appearing complaints from reviewers and readers. Here are the top ten: Unreal and underdeveloped characters who feel like stick figures. Overly wordy prose laced with grammatical errors and typos. Dull, predictable, repetitive stories written in

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Systematic Editing

by Jann W. Martin I was at the Word Weavers Fall Retreat recently. I was in an invaluable workshop. My friend, and one of my editors, Kristen Stieffel, led the workshop. I have attended several of her workshops over the years. This one was her best so far. Kristen is

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Critiques are best when served warm

Hello from Jann, When you consider something from numerous perspectives you can easily see the whole picture rather than a tiny corner of your universe. This is why critique groups are an excellent way to get a broad perspective of your writing, which is a great way to prepare your

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