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Are You Serious About Growing Your Audience Locally?

As an author, are you serious about growing your audience locally?  Some authors grow a large fanbase in their hometowns, and that fanbase sustains them with a solid base of sales.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not easy, but it can be done, and the key is…prospecting.  However, difficult as

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Name change…

We know that our name does not say it all. It only reflects a small portion of what we do. So, we have decided to change our name to something that will reflect well on us and our efforts in our mission. Here is our Mission Statement: Bringing GOD back

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Methods to Trigger Author Content Marketing

3 Methods to Trigger Author Content Marketing

If you took marketing in college before 2004, you probably were not taught about content marketing. Yet, perhaps you recall the 4 Ps: Product Pricing Placement Promotion If you haven’t taken courses on marketing, that’s okay. Fortunately, we have marketing coaching as part of our manuscript bundle at Authors Community.

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Web-Ed EVENT! Terry Whalin, acquisitions editor

By Gina Burgess First flush of love finally blossoms into full-fledged, lasting love that ends with accepting a proposal. Like an on-the-knee marriage proposal, an accepted book proposal leads to long relationships, trusted relationships, and even better, profit for both parties. Terry Whalin–an acquisitions editor for Morgan-James Publishing–has the scoop

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Entrepreneur, uh, Author Marketing Mistake #7

by Gina Burgess While reading an article on Entrepreneur about eight mistakes entrepreneurs usually don’t realize they are making, mistake #7 hit home. You can read the whole article here Mistake 7: Taking ‘no’ for an answer. Great entrepreneurs realize that a no actually means “not yet” in many scenarios. They break through

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