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Christian Book Club Benefits through Christian Authors Community

Promoting Your Books through the Christian Book Club CACS members have published between one and ninety books individually, which means that the is filled with a variety of genres to offer Christian readers. Every member’s books are promoted on the CBC site for no cost as long as they

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Is Christian Art Bad, and If So, Why?

Why don’t more Christians consume Christian art?  Why are Christian books, music, and other forms of art so poorly received? It can’t just be that Christians are caught up in the world.  That might be true to some extent, but most Christian expressions of art experience dismal sales.  There are

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Why is the book better than the movie?

And a deeper question for writers… by Margaret Welwood It always takes me a while to recover from reading a Francine Rivers book because the characters continue to interact—scenarios from the book, and new ones as the heroes find themselves in further predicaments and need my help. I googled the

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16 Essentials to Build an Effective and Helpful Network

by Gina Burgess Good networks are actually good relationships that help build your business. Too often people look at Facebook buddies and blogging buddies as acquaintances, not as relationships. In reality, these people may forge relationnships closer with you than your child’s teacher or the person sitting next to you

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Writing and the Principles of Sowing and Reaping

by Sarah Tun We reap what we sow. Isn’t that right? So here’s how I encourage us all, myself included, to pour into Authors Community in order to reap what we need from it. Writing is, generally speaking, a solitary experience. Here at Authors Community, we are a collective of

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