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3 Purposes for the Christian Writer

As a Christian author, there are several purposes you might hope to achieve in your writing.  However, these three are the most common: Spiritual Practical Academic Let me give you an example as to how your writing might meet these needs. Spiritual: “I am struggling.  How can God help me?

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Posting Fresh Content

Post to Your Heart’s Content…and Then Some!

As an author, updating your website or blog is a necessity. Toward the top of the update list is keeping your content fresh. Your mission:  To write something original to enhance your site on a consistent basis. Even when you don’t feel like it. Yes, you heard me correctly. Have

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Methods to Trigger Author Content Marketing

3 Methods to Trigger Author Content Marketing

If you took marketing in college before 2004, you probably were not taught about content marketing. Yet, perhaps you recall the 4 Ps: Product Pricing Placement Promotion If you haven’t taken courses on marketing, that’s okay. Fortunately, we have marketing coaching as part of our manuscript bundle at Authors Community.

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What’s the deal with GDPR?

by Gina Burgess By now you’ve most likely heard something about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This is an European Union law that goes into effect on May 25, 2018. So what does a law in Europe have to do with global online business? I’m so glad you asked! It

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Blog? Why? Blog What?

by Gina Burgess Over and over we hear that authors need to blog in order to build their platform. They need to be reachable and online touchable, or so we’re told by the publishing gurus. Why? There are lots of reasons, but I’m pretty sure the main reason is that

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