Writing Advice not Eye-Stabbing

Here’s Randy Ingermanson’s writing advice to himself before he became rich and famous. At least it’s the advice he would have given himself when he was young and inexperienced. It is from Jerry Jenkin’s blog. You get good at writing by following these three simple steps: 1) Write a lot. The more you write, the […]

How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript

by Jennifer Harris The Big Picture – Part 1 Big picture editing—also called developmental editing or the revision stage—can be an overwhelming task, especially if this is your first novel. The big picture edit is where you will start molding your raw material into a polished finished novel. This is the stage of editing where […]

Motivation of Your Characters

by Randy Ingermanson [Editor’s note: If you are not getting Randy’s ezine, I do recommend you do. It is packed with lots of thought-provoking writing, organizing, and marketing advice plus it’s plain common sense stuff.] 3) Craft: How to Measure Motivation Practically everything in fiction eventually comes down to your characters’ motivations. The lead character […]

Craft: Can you spot a liar?

by Randy Ingermanson Every person on the planet tells lies. Which means your characters all tell lies. Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew exactly what lying looks like so you could show it to your readers? Yeah, that would be cool. I’ve been watching the TV series LIE TO ME on Netflix lately. The […]

How to Organize Your Writing

Organization: Your Weekly Review by Randy Ingermanson If you’re serious about getting things done in your life, then you need to have a regular weekly habit of reviewing the previous week and planning the next one. That sounds fun, doesn’t it? It’s right up there with changing the oil and cleaning the toilet on most […]

World-Building and Social Networks

Randy Ingermanson is a prolific teacher and writer and thinker. Here is his latest about writing craft from his eZine Advanced Fiction Writing… 3) Craft: World-Building and Social Networks There are three categories of fiction where world-building is very important: Science fiction Fantasy Historical fiction I haven’t written much on world-building, for one simple reason. […]