Born Again Losers — Dr. Rick Hoover

Born-Again Losers: How to win by losing! by [Hoover, Rick]
Now that I have your attention I hope you will join me in this venture learning about losing and winning for born again Christians.  This is my story about life and learning to live the Christian life that God desires.
Everyone has their ‘ups and downs’.  Our lives are somewhat defined by these events.  But even more so, our lives are defined by how we handle these events.  We can’t choose what life throws at us but, we can choose what we do with it.  The good, the bad, the pretty and the not so pretty will come.  I can tell you that the best winning formula is the losing formula: the loss of self, the loss of pride, the loss of ego, and any other sin that besets us.  The winning formula is to become a born-again loser!
Some people seem to be born winners.  Everything they do seems to turn out just right. Have you ever noticed that and wondered why? It seems so unfair.  They always make good decisions. They always come out ahead. They make good deals and prosper. But, of course I am speaking in terms the non-Christian world relates to.
But, clearly for the Biblical Christian, there is a distinct difference in how we describe winning and losing.  The world’s winners do prosper.  They often gain the upper hand. They often come out ahead.  In a strang

e way this is often not the way the Christian prospers.

Jesus said, “what would it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul”?  Obviously that is a thought provoking question. Somehow, for the Christian, gaining and forfeiting, winning and losing have to be defined differently.  If I play a game and win, but I cheat in the process, have I really won?  If I win a contract in a business deal, but I twisted and doctored the figures to manipulate and confuse my client, have I really won?
There are obviously different ways to define winning.  Most people would say I won and too bad for the other guy. But, in the Christian economy of doing things we simply must lose this kind of thinking. Thus, we have the Christian loser. As the Bible says, “the first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  (Mt. 20:16)
What I want to talk about is how to win by losing. It is a strange way of looking at life, but I believe it is the Biblical way and the way that all Christians need to follow in order to get to Heaven. My point is simple; the only way to winning in the Christian life is through losing.   We must become born-again losers!
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