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Is Christian Art Bad, and If So, Why?

Why don’t more Christians consume Christian art?  Why are Christian books, music, and other forms of art so poorly received? It can’t just be that Christians are caught up in the world.  That might be true to some extent, but most Christian expressions of art experience dismal sales.  There are

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God Calls Writers to Great Things

The word “attain” is lofty. As in… I attained the title of Dr. I attained the status of champion. No one says, “I attained a new trashcan today.” No one says, “I attained the status of a parent of baby who can go potty by themselves.” No one says, “I

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3 Purposes for the Christian Writer

As a Christian author, there are several purposes you might hope to achieve in your writing.  However, these three are the most common: Spiritual Practical Academic Let me give you an example as to how your writing might meet these needs. Spiritual: “I am struggling.  How can God help me?

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Writing to Give Glory to God

2 Corinthians 9:10 He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. God gives gifts to His children.  He gifts you with spiritual gifts, talents, and skills.  God supplies all of those things

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What is Christian Authors Community and Services?

Christian Authors Community and Services (CACS), in short, is a hub for Christian authors. In the community authors from around the world meet on TEAMS, once a week, for a time of social interaction and camaraderie followed by an hour of learning through presentations and discussion with skilled members. These

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What is a Book?

It’s not a trick question—What is a book? — but I‘m finding it a little difficult to answer. If you check the dictionary the answer entails the explanation of pages of “written or printed sheets bound together between a front and back cover”. If you read far enough the term

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