Beauties of a Writer’s Retreat -Refilled and Refreshed

by Sarah Tun

Imagine walking in pristine wilderness, sitting lakeside, or basking in the fresh air, with the warm
sunshine on your face. Imagine solitary space and time, just to write.

These are just some of the possible advantages of taking a writer’s retreat. You can be
somewhere you love, alone, to write. Internet silence, vehicular stillness: nature calling to the
resources deep in your soul asking you to connect, explore and write down your innermost

All of this is food for your creativity. All of this is for communion with the GOD of Creation. And
combined, you have fuel for new writing pieces and time to polish old ones.

Have I got your imagination soaring? I hope so, because AC is in the infant stage of planning a
writer’s retreat.

The opportunities of a group writer’s retreat is to provide a perfect balance between solitary
writing time and fellowship with other writers: to share highs and lows in your writing career, to
hammer out ideas, and just simply to hang out together.

Imagine walking in virgin nature and listening/tasting/touching the earth, air and sky, in order to
write a description and to draw from it a short story, a poem, or even a structure for a novel. Then,
sharing it with others for feedback and encouragement (or keeping it to yourself if you prefer).

When we are with other authors, we have common ground on which to talk about life as an
author, thrashing out GOD’s will for our lives, chilling over coffee, just being in the presence of
other like-minded folk who experience the same peaks and valleys.

If you have been on a writer’s retreat before, you may like to share some of your experiences
with others now, so we can all prepare ourselves for what is possible and what may be in store.
What did you expect going in? Where your expectations met? What memories did you take away?
At a writer’s retreat there is opportunity to focus in, time to share, plenty of room to pray together
— and alone, in a relaxed setting.

So, you might like to put a marker in your mind, and watch out for information to come from AC
about a writer’s retreat. Or, if you’re contemplating taking one in the near future, maybe this post is
simply a gentle endorsement.

Keep creating, keep fantasising, keep on writing.


Sarah Tun is an author, developmental editor as well as a professional voice for voice overs and narrations.

© Sarah Tun

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8 thoughts on “Beauties of a Writer’s Retreat -Refilled and Refreshed”

  1. My favorite retreat is Mill B North Fork, in Big Cottonwood Canyon, but my physical disabilities prevent me from returning. Money and health may prevent me from traveling much, too. However, if my second daughter can put me up at her home in Devil’s Elbow, MO, and it isn’t too far to the retreat, I might be interested in attending.

    Down fro the lofty, ice-bound spires,
    Down through the shady forest,
    Down to the ferny vale
    The rivulet comes sparking and murmuring;
    As as I lie and listen
    The sparrow sings his sun song.
    How might I be unhappy?

  2. Great article, Sarah. I love to travel and get away from everyday distractions to write and reinvent myself. My backyard works in good weather, my back porch in rain. I snowbird at the beaches in Florida and South Carolina in winter months. Being with other authors and fellowshipping sounds wonderful.

  3. This is refreshing to read suggestions that mention our Creator as part of the process of our creating our work. Where are you suggesting when you write so eloquently about writer retreats? Not many are in the habit of giving God any credit at all.

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