The 30-Second or the Elevator Pitch

by Sarah Tun “Oh, you’re an author! What do you write about?” I’m sure you’ve heard that before. It’s the perfect opening for your elevator pitch, or the 30-second pitch. All writers should have one.You never know who you might find sitting next to you on an airplane, or riding up/down with you on an […]

Have I got an idea for you!

by Sarah Tun Hey, have you heard the one about….??? Have you heard this: “You’re an author? Oh, I’ve got a great idea for a book you can use… !” Or how about, “You write? Well, have I got an idea for you…!” What do you do with a comment like that? Might it be […]

What Christian Writers Need

by Sarah Tun Christian writers need income, relationship, and a sense of fulfilment. I suspect all writers need these things, but for Christians, the fulfillment comes through building relationships that bring with them a sense of purpose and usefulness to the Kingdom of GOD, a need that all of us who have Jesus within us […]

Write, Don’t Talk!

Don’t Talk… Write! How to Keep — not Lose — your Motivation by Sarah Tun I once heard another writer make a comment which made so much sense to me I’ve never forgotten it. For novice writers in particular, this message could be crucial to ensure to get your projects out of the starting blocks. […]

Overcoming Hurdles: Distraction

by Sarah Tun My first goal in writing for the Authors Community is to enable writers to overcome hurdles. There are all sorts of hurdles to writing… Usually, they’re internal because writing doesn’t necessarily require a lot of equipment (yes, in the very old days, there were no computers or typewriters and folks wrote with […]