Systematic Editing

by Jann W. Martin I was at the Word Weavers Fall Retreat recently. I was in an invaluable workshop. My friend, and one of my editors, Kristen Stieffel, led the workshop. I have attended several of her workshops over the years. This one was her best so far. Kristen is in the process of writing […]

Critiques are best when served warm

Hello from Jann, When you consider something from numerous perspectives you can easily see the whole picture rather than a tiny corner of your universe. This is why critique groups are an excellent way to get a broad perspective of your writing, which is a great way to prepare your manuscript before you have to […]

Google+ going, going, gone

by Jann Martin We’ve been hearing lately that Google+ is shutting down. “When John Lewis heard that Google+ was shutting down after the discovery of a security bug that left private profile data exposed, it felt like a crushing blow — even though he could see it coming.” CNBC report In The Guardian “This March, as Facebook was […]