Journey to a Hundred: A Kid From Newark Published a Hundred Books

by Khali Raymond I read this quote on Instagram. It said: “Your willingness to look at your darkness is what empowers you.” I have been through many situations that forced me to tap into the latent greatness I would’ve never known that I possess if it weren’t for the tough times that I’ve endured. I […]

Writing Advice not Eye-Stabbing

Here’s Randy Ingermanson’s writing advice to himself before he became rich and famous. At least it’s the advice he would have given himself when he was young and inexperienced. It is from Jerry Jenkin’s blog. You get good at writing by following these three simple steps: 1) Write a lot. The more you write, the […]

That Pesky Critic of Writers

by Gina Burgess Listen. What did you just tell yourself? Mine just told me to go get coffee. I did. Then I thought of several other things I needed to do besides write this article. Something in the back of our minds tries to push us away from creativity and great things to help others […]

Sell Your Books: No Guarantee

by Tom Blubaugh There are numerous voices out there in the literary marketplace that profess to have the latest and greatest methods for you to sell your books. Some even try to give you a guarantee. Beware. Before you make an investment in a program, product, or professional, I suggest that you do the following. […]

The Writer’s Cuppa Joe: Marketing that’s Achievable

By Whitney McKendree Moore As an author, my mind was pretty much clamped shut on marketing until Tom Blubaugh bravely said, “Marketing is just reaching out to share what you have been given. That changed everything for me. Suddenly it was about sharing “my bread” with others who hunger for it. My bread is for […]

Pricking the Reader’s Heart

By Gina Burgess I put a book down to get some water, and found myself praying for one of the characters. Now THAT is character development. He wasn’t even the main character! I needed to analyze it and see why my heart was pricked so by that character. Georgette Heyer could sometimes elicit in me […]

Why keep your genre a secret?

By Tom Blubaugh   An author’s genre is a well-kept secret, at least in the world of social media profiles. That raises this question: Why make it so hard for readers and authors to find what genre you write?  Suppose you write Sci-Fi—a very popular genre. However, just saying Sci-Fi is too broad. Amazon has […]

Do. Or do not. There is no try. — Yoda

by Tom Blubaugh One of the greatest challenges of the modern author is how to market their books in an expanding marketplace. Marketing is defined as placing a product or service for a specific target market for sale in the marketplace. There are some basic business principles that can assist an author in developing a […]

What Christian Writers Need

by Sarah Tun Christian writers need income, relationship, and a sense of fulfilment. I suspect all writers need these things, but for Christians, the fulfillment comes through building relationships that bring with them a sense of purpose and usefulness to the Kingdom of GOD, a need that all of us who have Jesus within us […]

Organization and the 500 Club

By Randy Ingermanson First published in his ezine. Most fiction writers have a major bottleneck in their process. Not all of them, but most of them. That bottleneck is that they don’t produce enough first-draft copy. If you haven’t developed your skills as a novelist yet, one of the key things you must do is […]