History of Indie Publishing

by Genevieve Fosa In the 1700s, when the notion of publishing was still developing, and libraries were hardly ever thought of, except by a few scholars, a publisher consisted of someone who had the enterprise and the funds to purchase a printing press. He generally did this in order to publish newspapers and pamphlets. Sometimes […]

Websites and Individuality

by Genevieve Fosa There are a few websites where I like to keep a fairly constant finger, plus my novel writing, which is one of the reasons for all the online publicity that I am beginning to do. Beating my own drum is never easy. Especially when I was carefully taught to keep it hidden […]

The New Rules for Book Reviews on Amazon

by Genevieve Fosa At first blush, Amazon’s new rules for posting reviews on books sold on their website do not appear to be quite as awful as some people thought they might be. They may be putting some of the book review companies out of business, but that is simply my thought, after analyzing what […]

What is the Future of Book Publishing?

by Genevive Fosa To know the future of publishing, the best we can do is follow the trends. For one thing, the popularity of E-books is diminishing. This is due to a number of factors. For one thing, the many people who bought their E-reading devices discovered that the little electronic things were not that […]