Author Networking–Partnering with Other Self-Pubbers

Inspired by Dave Chesson’s blog post…

Authors need to get out of the dark ages of thinking. No longer do we have to be the “Lonely Writer” writing with a mechanical typewriting in a mountain cabin far from civilization. (Although that does sound good to me right now.) We’ve got technology that helps with research, visiting foreign lands, meeting foreign people (and authors). All that leads to author networking, and that can keep us from being lonely.

Here’s a thought out of the box: Authors are not competitors. I can see your jaw drop. Author networking is a phenomenal way to sell your books.

Joining forces with other self-publishing authors is a way to sell more of your books. Excerpt from the post:

Building partnerships

Building a good self-publishing partnership or writer network can do the following:

  • Increase your website traffic significantly
  • Add highly targeted leads to your email list
  • Give a boost to your book sales

You both have readers.  You both have email subscribers (most likely).  You both have something to offer the other’s readers while that author is writing their next book.  So why not go for a writer’s  network and help build each other up. You can keep your email list warm by providing good, sound recommendations for other books in your genre as well. So, the benefits of creating an author book network is immense.

[Here’s a little bird whispering a great wisdom droplet: You need to read books in your genre. If you think you are the best you can be and don’t need any improving–stop kidding yourself. We all need improving. Stop improving and growing and you stagnate! So next time you find a great book in your genre, share it with your readers. They will thank you!]


Okay – now that you know why you want to partner with high-quality self-publishing authors, you need to figure out who you’re going to reach out to.  To do this, you need to ensure the following three things:

  • Does the author’s website get traffic
  • Does the author collect emails
  • Does their website get engagements


But before we do that, we need to see who out there is in our genre.  This is where Google comes into play.  Start  doing searches in Google for phrases that are in your niche.

Say you’re an author of teenager and young adult novels within the genre of fantasy literature:
Head over to, and start searching your heart out until you find self-publishing authors in the niche and write them down.

This is one of the greatest things about Authors Community! As we build our community, we have a built-in promotional support group right here. You don’t have to wander around the net to find someone to partner with. You just need to look around and see who is writing things similar to you, or writing things that go hand in hand. Establish a good relationship, then help them promote their work, and they help you promote yours.

As long as you and the other authors have a following on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media, you don’t have to be worried so much about website traffic, but you do want to be building your email lists!!! Those email lists will be how you reach out to your followers for your partners, and how they do the same for you. The key here is: The bigger the pool, the more sales you have.

Promoting and marketing are hard work, but not so hard if you have some help.

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