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  • Newsletters – Weekly community letter
  • Access to Our Marketing Videos for free with Author Level Coupon ($550 per package value)
  • Marketing Training Web-Eds and live discussion each Thursday at 10 am and 3 pm Central time ($70 per weekly class value)
  • Vendor Team – We have vendors in many necessary services for publishing and promoting your books
  • Online Fellowship Forum–A forum for discussion of all topics regarding writing, publishing, and promoting
  • Writers Groups in the discussion forum
  • Publishing Coaching ($60 per hour value)
  • Training Video Library (Some are free others are to rent)
  • Your published book placed on for the duration of your membership. ($45 per book per year value — It won’t stay at this rate for long.)
  • Your book launch or book featured in a blog post (Marketing value  unlimited)
  • Free eBook: Using the Ripple Effect to Promote Your Book ($6.99 retail value)
  • FREE Keyword Search for your indie published book — We’ll use Dave Chesson’s keyword generator for keywords you can use in your book description and keyword lists on Use the keywords that people actually use to find books just like yours.
  • BEST VALUE: Marketing classes, indie publishing help/coaching, advertising. Compare $35 per month Author Membership OR $70 per WEEK classes.

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$35 / month


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