Author Level Membership Subscription

Author Membership Subscription benefits include access to these items:

  • Newsletters – Weekly community letter
  • Web-Eds and Classes (Web-Eds and Class fees apply)
  • Discounted Fees for selected Web-Eds
  • Vendor Team – We have vendors in many necessary services for publishing and promoting your books
  • Online Community–A forum for discussion of all topics regarding writing, publishing, and promoting
  • Writers Groups in the discussion forum
  • 1 hour with each of our Staff Experts  (1 time each)
  • Training Video Library
  • Your published books placed on for the duration of your membership.
  • Your book launch or book featured in a blog post
  • FREE Keyword Search for your indie published book — We’ll use Dave Chesson’s keyword generator for keywords you can use in your book description and keyword lists on Use the keywords that people actually use to find books just like yours.
  • BEST VALUE: 30-minute coaching sessions and email accessibility with our staff marketing coach and publishing coach. Each session is a $60 value. 

Note:  Password should include letters, capital letters, symbols and numbers. A medium strength password is required for your protection!

$35 / month


SAVE $100 with a One-Time Annual Payment of $320