Answering Our Call

I was reading a post I had written on just now and tears started streaming again. Sometimes I read something I’ve written and wonder who stepped in my place to write that? Did I? The piece starts out like this:

Gone With The Wind, Scarlett stands in the midst of a sea of bodies, some still as death, others rolling and groaning in pain. It’s just her and the doctor, and perhaps one or two others. She tries desperately to get the doctor to come help Melly who is having her baby. It is the last vestiges of the Civil War and the South was dying, her sons dying, her cities burned and destroyed, her plantations desolate. Scarlett suddenly decides she has had enough and she races home to pack and leave Atlanta to go home to Tara. Everything seems hopeless.

Don’t you think that sometimes God looks down from Heaven and sees that sea of dying people? Some are dead already, others need the medicine of His word, but the workers are few.

God sees the lost just that way and we should, too. God gives us gifts that are godly-designed to be the perfect medicine to heal the wounded and dying. We are the bottles, and spoons, that hold and dispense the medicine. We are the hands that dispense the healing balm of the Good News. God gives us gifts that motivate us to minister to the lost and dying. It is a call that every believer must answer in one way or another.

Our own Sarah Tun has written and narrated a wonderful video —Called to Write. It is quite inspiring, thought provoking, and free to view right now. I urge you to download. I have removed the account restriction from our readership building training videos so anyone can order and enjoy these wonderful, informative, and encouraging videos.

Gina Burgess is an editor, illustrator, and author. She is COO of Common Sense Marketing Strategies, LLC and She also writes a weekly column at

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  1. The beautiful think about God is He is not restricted like the doctor in the movie. The beautiful thing about the movie is that it was written by an author. Every word. The beautiful thing about Sarah’s video is she was able to take what was in her heart and mind and share it with us through her words and Gina took the images she saw in her mind, from what Sarah wrote, and created the images in the video. How important is it to write?

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