Do You Answer God When He Calls?

by Jann Martin

Have you heard God calling you?

Do you always obey His call?

We know in our hearts and minds God’s always there for us. However, we don’t always listen when He’s asking us to do something. Or, maybe we think if we don’t respond we won’t have to step out of our comfort zone.

I have listened and obeyed some of His calls. There are times when I think I just don’t have time right now. Or responded with, “You can’t really mean I’m supposed to do that.”

There are times I hear something, but I’m not sure if it’s me or God trying to get my attention. If I’m really busy I tend to just keep going and ignore the voice. Then, later I realize maybe I was supposed to talk with the person that was looking upset. I realize that it was a missed opportunity to help and to witness to that person.

When I hear that still small voice in my heart it makes me feel warm and close to God. I stop and listen more closely to learn what He wants me to do.

This happened a few weeks ago. I had been nudged several times to visit a new local business. It’s called “Princesses and Princes.” A play area for children. I am a Christian children’s author and wondered if there would be an opportunity to share my books with his clients. When I finally gave in and visited the play place I found it was very cute and inviting for children. It had a mid-evil theme complete with a castle for the children to play in. The characters on the walls were princesses, princes, and knights. The play area is all educational.

In talking with the owner, I found out the characters were all named after his children and that one day he would like to have stories written about each of them. I told him I was a children’s author and that maybe we could collaborate. He really liked the idea.

We are also trying to coordinate and set up “Story Time with Nina.” I will go to the play place and read once a month to the children that are in attendance. He is going to allow me to hand out business cards to share my books with his customers.

When God taps you on the shoulder it’s best to listen to Him. You never know what doors may be opened for you.

What has He asked you to do for Him? Here are some steps that may help you to answer His call. It may look simple, but doing tough things means facing them and taking the first step.

What is you comfort zone?

Are you able to talk with strangers?

If you are that’s great.

If not take small steps.

1. The next time you are out smile at a stranger.

2. Talk to a cashier.

3. Share something with a stranger about what you write if you are an author.

Can you share in a small group setting?

If you can wonderful.

If not start small.

1. Make sure you study the material beforehand (if you don’t know it well).

2. Give a short answer to the question the group is discussing.

3. Next time offer a little bit more.

4. Now you are ready to step up and ask a question yourself.

Can you speak in front of a large group?

This one is tougher.

1, Find an opportunity for you to share something God has called you to undertake.

2. Pray for help.

3. Write you talk.

4. Edit it.

5. Read it aloud and time it, edit as needed.

Have you heard God calling you?

What did His voice sound like to you?

Did you listen and follow His directions?

How can you listen better in the future?

How can you prepare your heart for God’s guidance?

Find a quiet place where you can shut out the world around you.

Say a breath prayer with your eyes closed. This can be saying the name Jesus very slowly. Breathe in on Je- and out on -sus.

Once you are calm, be quiet and listen for God’s voice to speak to you.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Answer God When He Calls?”

  1. It is astounding that we hear from GOD and yet do not always respond… I find it hard to drop everything but always it is the best thing to do. Trial and error tells me that, logic tells me too, and yet our human self-will nature is not always easy to surrender. Thanks for your post. We all have common struggles and when someone talks about it as you have, we all feel the better for it.

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