Amplifying Our Voices

Are you an author looking for ways to amplify your voice and those of like-minded authors? Here are a few that involve minimal time on your part.

Join Goodreads here. You can be open (post a photo and detailed bio), or reclusive (post your first name and a picture of your friend’s dog in sunglasses, and set your profile to “private”).

Here’s an example of an award-winning novelist whose book reviews range from one to five stars.I like Francine Rivers’ books, so I follow her. I loved A Voice in the Wind, and promoted it by “liking” some of the five-star reviews. I then rated the book myself, giving it five stars.

The next step is to write a review. If you find the idea of writing a review daunting, rest assured that you can promote the book by simply liking positive reviews and rating the book with four or five stars. However, if you check out some of my reviews, you will see that I’ve found a couple of techniques that make the job easier. One is to lead with an “expert opinion,” which I like to do when reviewing children’s books. The other is to lead with an inspiring quote from the book.

Make sure to “like” positive reviews of your own books! This not only helps you, but supports the reviewers’ efforts.

If you’ve spent $50.00 (on just about anything) on Amazon within the last 12 months, you can also post your reviews there. And if you haven’t, you can still upvote positive reviews posted by others, including those of your own books. Please note that, although Amazon owns Goodreads, there is no purchase of anything required to post a review on Goodreads. When I invite someone to review one of my books, I make it as easy as possible by sending them the links to my books on each of these sites.

Following an author, and liking and sharing their posts, amplifies their voice, and you will likely find that some authors return the favor by supporting you. Agents and traditional publishers look for a strong following on social media when they’re considering taking on a new author.

I like to share other authors’ posts and also book reviews I’ve written on Facebook and Twitter. (Although Twitter has a reputation for nastiness, I’ve found it to be an easy and pleasant platform for promoting my own blog posts and reviews, and the work of other authors.) When I share reviews of my own books on Facebook and Twitter, I like to tag the reviewer.

Meez Carrie’s blog, Reading is My Superpower, makes it easy to share books you like on “First Line Fridays”. You share the first line of the book you’re reading with a brief comment. (I also chose to share a sales link when I posted.) You might like to invite Meez Carrie to review your book; with 7,500 subscribers, she has an impressive reach.

Interviews and Reviews, with the tagline “Connecting Christian Authors to Readers,” offers reviews of a variety of wholesome books for you to like and share. Becoming a reviewer for them will amplify your own voice as well those of other authors.

Check out eBookChristian for good rates on advertising to a targeted audience, and for opportunities to support like-minded authors.

You and I are called to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16). Above are a few ways we can amplify our own voices, and those of others who seek to be salt and light as well.


Margaret Welwood loved teaching English as a Second Language, writing magazine articles, and editing a business magazine and adult non-fiction books (one an Amazon #1 best seller, the other a Writer’s Digest award winner). However, with the arrival of grandchildren and their welcome request—“Grandma, can you tell me a story?”—she began writing and editing picture books for children. This is now her favorite genre.

Please visit eBookChristian to learn about Margaret’s picture books for children (both print and digital), and her Authors Community (AC) vendor page for her editing services.

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