About Us

Our Dream Team of experts are ready and eager to help you build your readership, publish your book, or accomplish whatever goals you might have. We’re excited about helping authors, writers, and bloggers create the projects and publications that God has laid on their heart.

Dream Team

Self-publishing, marketing, and building can be a lonely process, but it doesn’t have to be. You can have a team of experts guide you along the way helping you take leaps forward in your publishing career.

Gordon Duncan

Today, I am the co-owner and CEO of Capitalize Marketing & Consulting and Church Training Partners. Despite epilepsy, I am passionate about running, having run over a dozen marathons and am a 2019 and 2021 Boston Marathon qualifier.

Landen Melton

Landen is a software developer, entrepreneur, and Christian. He uses his expertise in software development, marketing, automation, and more, to create several businesses over the past 5+ years as well as help others implement strategies in their businesses that help them reach their customers better. He’s passionate about helping other businesses use the strategies and techniques he’s learned over the last 25 years in tech, marketing, and development so they can reach their goals.

Kim Wuertz

Kim is an award-winning author, poet, illustrator, editor and writing coach. She regularly writes for devotional magazines and various publications. Kim teaches writing workshops, judges writing contests and gives presentations to schools, community groups and professional conferences about: her books, her life as a writer, and the joy of living your dream!

Nancy Kuykendall

Hello! I’m an author writing both non-fiction and fiction. I took up my passion to write after retiring from a thirty-year career teaching music. I write inspirational short stories, testimonies, observations, and ponderings.

Michelle Murray

Michelle writes Christian fantasy, historical fiction, YA, and women’s fiction. Many of her stories intertwine elements of medieval history with fictional characters. No matter the genre, all my characters are in need of God’s love and guidance.

Michelle hopes readers will come to love God more for their time spent with her characters. She writes to others like herself who are lonely, hurting, and feel invisible. Michelle wants you to realize you are never truly alone.