What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen Content is content that will last the test of time. In theory, just like an evergreen tree, ever green content stays somewhat fresh for a longer period of time. Evergreen content is always applicable to reader interests and less likely to become immediately out-dated. Evergreen content is used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as marketing. The idea behind this type of content is that […]

What’s the most terrifying word for authors?

by Gina Burgess Nope it isn’t writer’s block. That’s two words. According to a mountain of studies it’s networking. Of course there isn’t a separate study done just on authors, but studies have included thousands of people in all different walks of life. Networking seems to either instill excitement of discovery in some people or […]

Author Bio vs About Me Page

by Belinda Forgy I’ve noticed recently that some authors use their Author Bio as their About Me page on their websites. I think it’s a missed opportunity… in marketing… not just your book… but you as an author! We know why the bio is important to readers and agents alike; it builds authority and reputation. […]

How Do You Format Your Books?

by Meredith Bond Formatting Tools To me, formatting is the most fun part of self-publishing. If I were an artist or had more of an artist’s eye, I might feel that creating the cover would be more fun, but sadly, I’m too left-brained for that. But formatting, that lets me be creative, detail oriented and […]