How Much Does a Website Cost?

By Tamy Bond Many authors see the value of having a website but aren’t sure the cost is worth it. The trick is to find the most cost effective way to ensure your writings have a solid presence in the Internet Marketing arena. There are many ways to accomplish this goal without breaking the bank. Knowing the need for a website and coming up with the […]

Know when to hold ’em

by Tom Blubaugh So how can you position yourself to handle everything associated with meeting the needs of your potential readers? Be genuine, be reliable, and be persistent and be available. People want to know that they can rely on you to solve a problem or promote them to the next level on the ladder […]

Creative tactics in writing craft

by Gina Burgess I’ve been an editor for a long time, both in newspaper and various other industries. I learned a lot about editing then and while earning my Master’s, but most of what I have learned is through reading (fiction and non-fiction) since I was a little girl. Since I’ve been reviewing books, I’ve […]

Your Editor is Coco Chanel

Have you ever heard the expression, “Dressed up to the Nines?” Back in the late twenties and early thirties there was a famous night club/restaurant that required white tie, waistcoat and top hat to get in. Women had to have on an evening gown, and no woman unescorted by a male was allowed. It was […]

First Decision a Writer Needs to Make

  by Tom Blubaugh The first decision a writer has to make is whether he/she is writing as a hobby or as a business. If your goal is simply to write for yourself, your family, and your friends and you really don’t care whether you sell any copies or not–you have a hobby. If you […]