Self-Publishing Is Dead

by Randy Ingermanson It’s time to just say it. “Self-publishing” is dead. I’m not talking about the act of self-publishing a book. I’m talking about the phrase itself. “Self-publishing” now means two different things that are miles apart. It’s time to kill this useless phrase.   Randy sez: Let’s start with the most confusing term of […]

Fuel Your Fire: Goodreads is a Great Thing

By Whitney McKendree Moore ONE ANSWER: GOODREADS! When literary strategist, Tom Blubaugh, suggested joining Goodreads Dot Com, I was reluctant. The last thing I felt I needed was yet another learning curve on yet another website. I was already feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all the social networks in which I was participating. Today, I stand […]

Weeding Out the Dross

by Sarah Tun  Writing is an art… and a science. Just like in gardening, you want to weed out the bad stuff so the good stuff can shine and breathe and spark a reader’s imagination. It’s obvious that writing is an art, but perhaps not so clear there is a science to the process of […]