World Building with Your Picture Book Illustrator

  By Margaret Welwood People have many kind things to say about the happy little girl who works and plays with her forest friends until… and also about the library-loving rabbit who takes matters into his own hands when his favorite place closes for inventory. But let me be the first to admit—it’s not the […]

Craft: Can you spot a liar?

by Randy Ingermanson Every person on the planet tells lies. Which means your characters all tell lies. Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew exactly what lying looks like so you could show it to your readers? Yeah, that would be cool. I’ve been watching the TV series LIE TO ME on Netflix lately. The […]

3 Essential Elements to Crafting Believable Romance

(Note: this original post of Susanne Lakin ran on Romance University in 2015. You can find it via this link.) Boy meets girl. Sparks fly. They fall instantly in love. Voila! Happily ever after. Oh, really? Well, maybe in fairy tales and with couples who are self-delusional or sickeningly codependent. But in real life? Among […]