Crafting Memorable Dialogue #1

Joni Fisher will be presenting a workshop on crafting dialogue on March 31st at 8 pm Eastern time. To give you a taste of what’s to come, we’ll be posting excerpts from her articles here. She has some excellent advice and techniques that will animate your prose into dynamic works of pure genius. Obviously, you […]

Unique Social Media – Quora

by Kerry McAvoy Since attending my first Writers Conference, I have heard numerous times about the importance of having a solid platform and using social media to build it. As an indie author of Christian devotionals, I am on Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads. My Facebook author page mostly attracts friends and family. My Twitter account […]

How Often You Should Post to Social Media

By Tamy Bond Social Media includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and many others. People often ask how often they should post. It’s really up to your market.  It is hard to know exactly how many, but it should be a number you are comfortable with and that your viewers won’t feel like you […]

Authors and Contracts: Be Informed

by Gina Burgess General things for authors to know about Copyrights… Brief summary of copyright protection: When an artist creates a work of art, this art has a copyright. The copyright is a form of protection that is granted by the U.S. Congress. Essentially, the writer of a book has the right to reproduce the […]

Overcoming Hurdles: Distraction

by Sarah Tun My first goal in writing for the Authors Community is to enable writers to overcome hurdles. There are all sorts of hurdles to writing… Usually, they’re internal because writing doesn’t necessarily require a lot of equipment (yes, in the very old days, there were no computers or typewriters and folks wrote with […]