First Decision a Writer Needs to Make

  by Tom Blubaugh The first decision a writer has to make is whether he/she is writing as a hobby or as a business. If your goal is simply to write for yourself, your family, and your friends and you really don’t care whether you sell any copies or not–you have a hobby. If you […]

Self-Publishing Is Dead

by Randy Ingermanson It’s time to just say it. “Self-publishing” is dead. I’m not talking about the act of self-publishing a book. I’m talking about the phrase itself. “Self-publishing” now means two different things that are miles apart. It’s time to kill this useless phrase.   Randy sez: Let’s start with the most confusing term of […]

World Building with Your Picture Book Illustrator

  By Margaret Welwood People have many kind things to say about the happy little girl who works and plays with her forest friends until… and also about the library-loving rabbit who takes matters into his own hands when his favorite place closes for inventory. But let me be the first to admit—it’s not the […]

3 Essential Elements to Crafting Believable Romance

(Note: this original post of Susanne Lakin ran on Romance University in 2015. You can find it via this link.) Boy meets girl. Sparks fly. They fall instantly in love. Voila! Happily ever after. Oh, really? Well, maybe in fairy tales and with couples who are self-delusional or sickeningly codependent. But in real life? Among […]

Targeting the market for your book

by Gina Burgess Kerry McAvoy started a discussion on our forum that should be near and dear to every author’s heart. How do you target your market? What a great exercise, Kerry! It is really hard to market to anyone without knowing exactly what you are marketing. That’s why a 25-word or less blurb is […]

Author and Editor in Active Communication

By Pam Lagomarsino – Above the Pages Dear Author, I know what you are thinking! Believe me, I do. The day creeps by and drags on. Still no email. It’s been six days. Of course, it is supposed to take a few weeks, but this waiting is agony. Your thoughts are whirling. “Did I do […]

Sensitivity Police Now Encroaching on Authors

    by Gina Burgess Successful authors now face a serious wall damming up their free-flowing creativity. I wasn’t positive, but very much feared that political correctness and the thin-skin of some social groups would start tearing at the fabric of author creativity. This isn’t a rant against authenticity or truthful depictions of real-life stuff. […]

Market, Credit, Delete, and Format: Key Elements of Writing

By Pam Lagomarsino Writing a book can feel like an impossible mountain to climb as you attempt to construct a perfect manuscript. That mountain can be a lack of time, discouragement over the lengthy process, feeling unqualified, or getting writer’s block. I would like to encourage you to write when the ideas come. You can […]

Overcoming Hurdles: Distraction

by Sarah Tun My first goal in writing for the Authors Community is to enable writers to overcome hurdles. There are all sorts of hurdles to writing… Usually, they’re internal because writing doesn’t necessarily require a lot of equipment (yes, in the very old days, there were no computers or typewriters and folks wrote with […]