by Sarah Tun There was once a very wise man who wrote, “… One thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward… ” (Philippians 3) It is just a small piece of his many writings, but Paul the Apostle, also known as […]

Improve Your Writing with Story Circles

by Margaret Welwood They say—and I agree—that reading your story out loud helps you to detect awkward places. If you stumble, so will your reader. But what of reading other authors’ stories out loud—stories that you and your (grand)children enjoy? I read at day cares, the museum, the library, and other venues, reasoning that as […]

Why Body Language?

by Gina Burgess We are writers, wordsmiths, creating in a 2-dimensional world in black and white. Exactly why we need to study body language. One of the most difficult points of view to write in is first person. If not for any other reason but that you can’t head hop into another character to view […]

Trends in Publishing 2018

by Gina Burgess There’s great news and there’s not so great news for trends in publishing in 2018. Facebook is trimming the newsfeed input from pages/brands/businesses saying that this kind of input to an individual’s newsfeed has much less spark for interactions–and that affects a person’s mood. You can check out the explanation here. This […]

Reading Aloud: No it’s not just for children…

by Sarah Tun Do you remember reading aloud to your children? Or if you’ve never been a parent or teacher, how about the reading aloud you had to do in school when you were young, to prove you could actually read: Remember that? What’s the point of reading aloud? To read aloud gives added benefit […]