How to Organize Your Writing

Organization: Your Weekly Review by Randy Ingermanson If you’re serious about getting things done in your life, then you need to have a regular weekly habit of reviewing the previous week and planning the next one. That sounds fun, doesn’t it? It’s right up there with changing the oil and cleaning the toilet on most […]

What is the average writer missing?

by Joel Klettke As someone who both writes and manages a writing team, I’ve often wondered why some writers need very little editing or coaching while others need a whole lot just to make sense of their work. Even writers who are great with words can turn out pieces that are difficult to read or […]

Breaking Good by Randy Ingermanson

2) Organization: Breaking Good Everybody has far too many things on their plate. That’s the nature of modern life, and it’s not going to get easier, it’s only going to get worse. A good task-management system won’t magically make everything on your plate get done. That’s not how it works. But it will make you […]