Crafting Memorable Dialogue #2

by Joni Fisher (From her article Dialogue Abused and Misused) Dialogue is designed to perform these functions: Advance the plot. The inciting incident, key turning points, the climax and other important emotional moments have the greatest impact when the events unfold in front of the reader. Build to a change in a relationship, a power […]

Editing is NOT Nitpicking

  Submitted by Gina Burgess I received this from friends at Pro-Edit. This is another reason why a different pair of eyes needs to edit your work. I was a newspaper editor, and these kinds of gaffes are so easy to make when you are focused on quickly getting the story out, or trying to […]

Plotline Potholes May Swallow Your Readers

By Kathrin Herr, The Writing Mechanic As authors, we have a tendency to forget that the worlds we create and the tales we tell originated in our own brains. Living our story in our own heads leads to skipping over some things that are obvious to us, but actually, leave giant potholes in our plot—the […]

Make your readers trust you

By Gina Burgess I was reading a short story the other day trying hard to find great things about it because I did not want to hurt any feelings nor did I want to scare any other budding author from putting fingers to keyboard in my critique. But some of the facts in the story […]

Just How Big Was It? — Using Adjectives

by Belinda Forgy We all know an adjective is used to describe a noun and I don’t want to turn this into an English lesson, but I do want to emphasize how important the use of adjectives are in a story. Descriptive words are what paints the picture in your reader’s mind. You want them […]

What is the average writer missing?

by Joel Klettke As someone who both writes and manages a writing team, I’ve often wondered why some writers need very little editing or coaching while others need a whole lot just to make sense of their work. Even writers who are great with words can turn out pieces that are difficult to read or […]

An Encouraging Word from an Editor

  by Pam Lagomarsino Dear Author, First of all, congratulations on writing your book! You have accomplished what many people have only dreamed about. Only you know how much you poured your heart into your work—sweating over finding the right word, writing and re-writing, and stressing whether or not your book was worth it. Yes, […]

What? Writers don’t need editors?

by Megan Whitson Lee At a writer’s conference last year, I attended a course taught by a well-known author. The course had nothing to do with editing, but at some point during the class, the author complained about the edits he’d recently received from his publishing house’s editor. He claimed he accepted none of the […]

Proofing is all about the reader.

by Adam Swiger To use the Oxford comma, or not to use the Oxford comma? For that matter, is the comma in the previous sentence necessary? And, how do we know when a hyphen is necessary and when it isn’t? Of course, we know that particular rules and particular style guides matter, especially in the […]