Single Most Important Attribute in a Writer

I was inspired this week by Tom Blubaugh’s article, “It’s easy to brand your name fast”. I loved his crazy idea of standing in a traffic jam (caused by a mis-park of your own car) and creating-an-ad-hoc- audience-by-flailing-your-book-from-on-top-of-your-car scenario and his warning not to actually do this stunt! As he’s listed must do’s for marketing […]

Motivation of Your Characters

by Randy Ingermanson [Editor’s note: If you are not getting Randy’s ezine, I do recommend you do. It is packed with lots of thought-provoking writing, organizing, and marketing advice plus it’s plain common sense stuff.] 3) Craft: How to Measure Motivation Practically everything in fiction eventually comes down to your characters’ motivations. The lead character […]

The Trusty Steed in Writing

By Richie Billing There’s always a horse in a fantasy book. So I decided to do a bit of research on the trusty steeds that carry us fearlessly into battle, and this is what I found.  Make no assumptions For some of us it’s fair to say we don’t see horses very often, driving past […]

What is Inbound Marketing?

Simply stated, Inbound Marketing is attracting business by connecting with people. The driving factor is to get noticed by creating interest rather than showing a product. Inbound Marketing targets potential customers as well as loyal fans. It provides valuable information to consumers who are actively searching for a product to meet their need.  I don’t admit to being an […]

Reworking Those Old Works

by Meredith Bond Congratulations! You’ve finally gotten the rights to your book back! Okay, maybe it’s been a few months or years since you did so, that’s all right. The important thing is that your creative work is yours once again. The only thing is… what to do with it? You probably wrote that book […]

High Low

by Mary Norsworthy While visiting at my son Darren’s house one day, we had just finished dinner when he looked at his children and said, “high-low.” Thoughtful looks came on their faces, and I wondered what he meant. Then, one by one, they started telling about the high and low points of their day. On […]

Can Beta Readers Replace Editors?

by Jennifer Harris Beta readers are an invaluable resource. They provide feedback on content, what’s working and what’s not working, and usually catch some of our pesky typos. Personally, I wouldn’t publish a book without the use of beta readers. However, their role is quite different from that of an editor. Yes, they can identify […]

FREE Webinar – NetGalley

Benefits of adding Netgalley to your marketing/promoting plan for your book   presented by Kristina Radke and Katie Versluis LIVE September 29 @ 11am EST Please feel free to invite your author friends as well to attend–it’s free! Join this free webinar to learn all about NetGalley! She will cover community size (it’s HUGE) and […]

Real Stuff Webinar – Kate Motaung

#REALSTUFFWEBINAR! Start Up Guide for Online Christian Authors presented by Kate Motaung October 11, 2017 at 1pm Central Time $25 to Members and $35 to non-members More Information . . . coming soon!   Kate Motaung is a writer, editor, and virtual assistant who loves to help others refine their messages and reach their target audience. […]