Real Stuff Webinar – Sarah Tun

#REALSTUFFWEBINAR! So, You Have a Book? presented by Sarah Tun, Editor September 28, 2017 at 10am Central Time $25 to Members and $35 to non-members   More Information . . . coming soon!     Sarah Tun Writing Coach, Audio Book Recorder, Manuscript Critique There’s a proverb that reads: “Do you see a man who excels […]

Real Stuff Webinar – David Fessenden

#REALSTUFFWEBINAR! A Fly on a Wall in a Publishing House presented by David Fessenden, Literary Agent and Publisher September 8, 2017 at 2pm Central Time $25 to Members and $35 to non-members   So you’d rather go the traditional publishing route with all the trimmings that a publishing house can offer. It isn’t as easy […]

How to (and Why) Make a Social Media Marketing Plan

by Tamy Bond As you struggle with all the ins and outs of posting to all the different social media platforms , you may have figured out that actually sitting down and making a plan might be a good idea. Actually, it’s a GREAT idea! It really is very simple. Everything you do with social networks should be part […]