Realistic Characters that are Believable

by Joni Fisher GATHER BASIC INFORMATION If your story involves characters in a specific career, then research it. You can learn basic information about any legal job from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, at . For hundreds of different types of jobs, the Occupational Outlook Handbook […]

Not the Grammar Police #2

by Sophie Dawson What’s the difference between then and than? Listen to people talking or read a hand written note sometime and you’ll invariably see these two words mixed up eventually. When proofreading, I see them confused many times. Then gives a connotation of time or place. The other than is a comparison. Seems pretty simple and straight […]

How to Organize Your Writing

Organization: Your Weekly Review by Randy Ingermanson If you’re serious about getting things done in your life, then you need to have a regular weekly habit of reviewing the previous week and planning the next one. That sounds fun, doesn’t it? It’s right up there with changing the oil and cleaning the toilet on most […]

Targeting the market for your book

by Gina Burgess Kerry McAvoy started a discussion on our forum that should be near and dear to every author’s heart. How do you target your market? What a great exercise, Kerry! It is really hard to market to anyone without knowing exactly what you are marketing. That’s why a 25-word or less blurb is […]

Author and Editor in Active Communication

By Pam Lagomarsino – Above the Pages Dear Author, I know what you are thinking! Believe me, I do. The day creeps by and drags on. Still no email. It’s been six days. Of course, it is supposed to take a few weeks, but this waiting is agony. Your thoughts are whirling. “Did I do […]

Web Design – 5 Quick Tips

by Tamy Bond When it comes to web design, there are plenty of DIYers today. Many want to maintain control of their Internet presence. In place of competing with them, we want to help them be better. When your business succeeds, so do we. When you are creating a website (or hiring a web designer), […]

This Is Not the Grammar Police, but… #1

Common Word and Punctuation Errors That Can Change What You Mean By Sophie Dawson Proper word usage. Okay, what’s that? It’s using the correct word or words to convey the idea effectively. As a reader, author, and editor I notice so many common words used incorrectly not caught by editors and beta readers much less […]

Sensitivity Police Now Encroaching on Authors

    by Gina Burgess Successful authors now face a serious wall damming up their free-flowing creativity. I wasn’t positive, but very much feared that political correctness and the thin-skin of some social groups would start tearing at the fabric of author creativity. This isn’t a rant against authenticity or truthful depictions of real-life stuff. […]